Advised on the Placement of Debt

Food & Beverage

Newlat GmbH

Pasta manufacturer Germany

closed credit arrangements with

Commerzbank AG

Bank Germany

IMAP advised Newlat GmbH on securing financing from Commerzbank AG and BW-Bank

As part of a corporate financing restructuring, Newlat GmbH (“Newlat”) has secured comprehensive credit facilities from Commerzbank and BW-Bank for working capital financing. 


Newlat GmbH Deuschland, Mannheim, Germany

Newlat is a 100% subsidiary of Newlat SA Group, a leading manufacturer of pasta, dairy products, bakery products and baby food with sales of over €  350 million, ten European plants and more than 1,200 employees. Newlat SA Group’s brand portfolio comprises Buitoni, 3 Glocken, Birkel, Delverde, Giglio, Pezzullo, Plasmon and Polenghi. In Germany, Newlat SA Group acquired the pasta producers Birkel and 3 Glocken including a plant in Mannheim from Ebro Foods in 2013. The company currently employs approx. 135 people and generates sales of more than € 80 million.

Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft is a major German bank operating as a universal bank with its registered office in Frankfurt am Main. With approx. 49,000 employees and revenues of € 8,6 billions it processes almost 30% of the German  foreign trade and is the leading bank im German  corporate banking.

Baden-Württembergische Bank, Stuttgart, Germany

Baden-Württembergische Bank (BW-Bank) is a German bank belonging to Landesbank Baden-Württemberg (LBBW) with its registered office in Stuttgart. Within the LBBW Group, which operates as an „universal“ bank, the BW-Bank is active in the private as well corporate banking segments.



IMAP M&A Consultants AG advised Newlat on the selection of suitable financing partners, the initiation and execution of financing discussions, the exchange of relevant information and the coordination of the process.