KW-Kranwerke AG

Leading manufacturer of crane systems for waste / waste-to-energy plants Germany

has been acquired by


Industrial holding company Netherlands

Advised shareholders of KW-Kranwerke AG on the sale to Nimbus

KW-Kranwerke AG, Mannheim (KWM) has been acquired by the Dutch industrial holding nimbus hands-on investors (Nimbus) as part of the company succession plan. With the entry of Nimbus, KWM will be able to concentrate on its core business of overhead cranes, service including spare parts trading and retrofit as well as waste-to-energy (WTE) and substitute fuels (RDF) as part of a strategic realignment.

KW-Kranwerke AG, Mannheim, Germany

Manufacturer of crane systems with specialization in the production of overhead cranes, in particular in the WTE/RDF sector.

Service portfolio in the three segments new plant construction, service incl. spare parts trade and retrofit (modernization of crane systems). 

NIMBUS, Zeist, Netherlands

Founded in 1999 in the Netherlands. Has more than 30 subsidiaries in Germany and the Netherlands.

The holding company focuses on companies from the manufacturing industry and on investments in turnaround situations, complex carve-outs and other special situations


IMAP M&A Consultants AG initiated the transaction on behalf of the shareholders of KWM and handled it in all its phases.