Advised the Seller

Real Estate

Private investor

nationally active investor Germany

acquires 90% of the shares in a district development in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region from a

Local Seller


Urban development in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region

A nationwide investor participated in a regional project company to facilitate the development of a new mixed-use quarter (commercial and residential) in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. This area contains more than 90,000 sqm with mainly factory buildings, warehouses and outdoor areas in need of renovation. With the help of the nationwide investor, the entire area was acquired and is now being further developed and implemented as a new "urban quarter" for commercial and residential use. The project volume to be realized for the new quarter will amount to more than 100 million euros.

Regional Real Estate project developer, Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region

Specialized as regional project and property developer in residential and mixed-use objects. 

Private investor, Germany


IMAP M&A Consultants AG initiated the transaction on behalf of the project company and handled it in all its phases.