Advised on Sale of Company

Real Estate

Familienheim Rhein-Neckar eG

Building cooperative Germany

Acquired 100% of shares

Treubau Verwaltung GmbH

Merger of established real estate services Germany

Advised Treubau Verwaltung GmbH on its sale to Familienheim Rhein-Neckar e.G.

The Familienheim Rhein-Neckar e.G. has acquired 100% of the shares of Treubau Verwaltung GmbH. Successful in construction and the holistic support of Real Estates, Familienheim Rhein-Neckar e.G. is able to expand their product portfolio and use their core competencies more effective with the acquisition of Treubau Mannheim.

Familienheim Rhein-Neckar e.G., Mannheim, Germany

Construction and sale of condominiums, single-family and row houses; real estate acquisition; financial consulting; construction management; renting; property and apartment management; insurances; savings. Cooperative with over 6,000 members.

Treubau Verwaltung GmbH, Mannheim, Germany

Merger of established real estate services. Managing of condominium act (WEG), rental management, real estate service, insolvency administration, real estate management, accounting service.


IMAP initiated the transaction on behalf of the seller and handled the process in all its phases.

Experts who worked on the transaction