Advised on Sale of Company

Building Products & Services

Kofler Energies Power AG

Energy Supplier Germany

Acquired 100% of Shares

Dr.-Ing. Bernd Kriegel Ingenieure GmbH,

Planning and construction management Germany

Advised Dr.-Ing. Bernd Kriegel Ingenieure GmbH on its sale to Kofler Energies Power AG

Within the scope of succession Kofler Energies Power AG has acquired Dr.-Ing Bernd Kriegel Ingenieure GmbH. Kofler broadens their service portfolio in the area of energy efficiency solutions and enriches their engineering expertise. For Kofler the acquisition leads to a consistent development of the established activities and is considered as an important step in terms of advancing from a specialist in energy supply to a full service provider of customized efficiency service solutions.

Kofler Energies Power AG, Bochum, Germany

A leading energy supplier and energy services for industry and agency customers. The company services several thousand of customers nationwide as well as namable companies from all industries with the objective to optimize energy supply and minimize energy costs. The company's main focus is on energy savings for buildings.

Dr.-Ing. Bernd Kriegel Ingenieure GmbH, Kiel, Germany

Headquartered in Kiel and with offices in Berlin and Dortmund the company operates successfully in the area of planning and construction management for building service installations of all sizes and has done for over 25 years. Specific focus is on the healthcare sector, with sophisticated administration buildings, universities and cultural constructions.


IMAP initiated the project on behalf of the seller and handled the transaction during all its phases until successful closing.