Advised on Purchase of Shares

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Scheuten Glas Holding B.V.

Flat glass production and processing Netherlands

Acquired 70% of Shares

Schweikert Group

Glass Production Germany

Advised Scheuten Glas Holding B.V. on the purchase of 70% of the shares of Schweikert Group

Within the scope of its growth strategy, Scheuten Glas Holding B.V., Venlo, Netherlands acquired 70% of the shares of Schweikert Group, Germany. By this strategic investment, Scheuten Glas Holding B.V. strengthens its market position in Southern Germany.

Scheuten Glas Holding B.V., Venlo, The Netherlands

An independent, multinational and fast growing group with two complementary divisions: "Solar | Glass“. With its own flat-glass production- and processing facilities, Scheuten controls the entire production process: production, processing and sale of functional and insulating glass.

Schweikert Group consisting of Glaszentrum Schweikert GmbH, Heilbronn and its subsidiaries Fränkische Thermoglas GmbH & Co. KG, Diespeck-Stübach and Stübacher Produktionsgemeinschaft Sicherheitsglas GmbH, Diespeck-Stübach, Germany

The Group sepecialize in the production of insulating and functional glass, the production of tempered safety glass and glass processing and special glasses.


IMAP initiated the transaction for Scheuten Glas Holding B.V., communicated with the sellers and handled the transaction in all its phases.

Experts who worked on the transaction