Advised on Sale of Company

Building Products & Services

Hydraulik Nord GmbH

Holding company Germany

Acquired 100% of Shares

LB Produktion GmbH

Subsidiary of Bucher Group Germany

Advised Bucher Group on the sale of its subsidiary LB Produktion GmbH to Hydraulik Nord GmbH

Hydraulik Nord GmbH, Parchim, Germany has acquired 100% of the equity in LB Produktion GmbH, Trier, Germany.

Hydraulik Nord GmbH, Parchim, Germany

Fast growing industry group with 36 subsidiaries in the sectors services/assemblies, machinery, construction, others.

LB Produktions GmbH, Trier, Germany

A subsidiary of the Swiss Bucher Group and a specialist in machining and assembling.


IMAP initiated the transaction on behalf of Bucher Group and handled the process in all its phases.