Advised on Sale of Company

Building Products & Services

Tortec Brandschutz GmbH

Manufacturer and supplier of security doors Austria

Acquired 100% of Shares

SEG Bauelemente GmbH

Interior Doors and Alarm Systems Germany

Advised VBH Holding AG on the sale of its subsidiary SEG Bauelemente GmbH to Tortec Brandschutz GmbH

Tortec Brandschutz GmbH, Wolfsegg, Austria, acquired SEG Bauelemente GmbH, Hockenheim, Germany, as part of its strategic market expansion into Germany.

Tortec Brandschutz GmbH, Wolfsegg, Austria

A leading manufacturer and supplier of security doors in the fire protection sector, predominantly for interior uses previously predominantly active in Austria.

SEG Bauelemente GmbH, Hockenheim, Germany

The company specializes in the installation of interior doors and alarm systems for buildings with locations in Hockenheim, Freiburg, Berlin and Bremen.

VBH Holding AG, Korntal-Münchingen, Germany

An internationally active dealer in fittings and furnishings, quoted on the stock exchange. The activities of the subsidiary company SEG Bauelemente GmbH were no longer part of the core business of VBH Holding AG.


IMAP prepared the transaction on behalf of VBH Holding AG, communicated with the buyers and handled the transaction in all its phases.