Advised on Sale of Company


Arques AG

Financial Investor Germany

Acquired 100% of Shares

Leoni Flex S.A

Manufacturer of flexible circuit boards France

Advised Leoni AG on the sale of its subsidiary Leoni Flex S.A. to Arques AG

The Leoni AG, Nürnberg, Germany sold their subsidiary Leoni Flex S. A., Burnhaupt, France to Arques AG, Starnberg, Germany. Leoni Flex S.A. is a manufacturer of flexible circuit boards. Leoni sold the plant in the context of focusing on their core business activity.

Leoni Flex S.A., Burnhaupt, France

A manufacturer of flexible circuit boards and supplier for the automotive industry. Major clients are well-known Tier-1 in Europe, which are focused on activities in the area of vehicle power and flexible circuit boards, especially for the usage of datex,

Arques AG, Starnberg, Germany

Arques is a finance investor with an emphasis on acquisition and development of companies in a turnaround situation. As a specialist in reorganization, Arques has extensive experience in the automotive industry, especially in France.


IMAP initiated the transaction on behalf of Leoni AG and handled it in all its phases.