We know how to maximize and realize the value of real estate assets

Real Estate

We help to optimize and realize the value of real estate assets regardless of their economic situation. Optimal results require a structured, international sales process.

Real Estate services we provide

  • Development of realization scenarios for single real estate assets as well as portfolios
  • Identification and mitigation of transaction risks
  • Business plan preparation
  • Strategic positioning
  • Individual investor screening on an international scale
  • Management of the due diligence process
  • Solicitation and analysis of bids and negotiation of all relevant deal parameters
  • Fund raising for real estate portfolios

We develop an appropriate strategy for single assets or portfolios and identify suitable buyers on an international scale. We analyze and evaluate incoming offers and minimize any transaction risks. Compliance with international best practice standards is essential in executing a structured sales process. Our real estate transactions range from approximately EUR 20 – 300 million.