IMAP advises Pfungstädter brewery

The area of the brewery in the city center of Pfungstadt is planned to be sold. This week a corresponding sales contract was signed, which the 97 shareholders of the Pfungstadt brewery should now decide on. The regional buyer plans to build an attractive residential quarter. In addition, concrete negotiations are in progress with a brewery investor who wants to take over the Pfungstadt brewery, which has been in the protective shield process since June 2020.

At their shareholder meeting, the shareholders of the private brewery will decide on the sale of the property. The family office of the Mannheim entrepreneur Daniel Hopp and the Dossenheim project developer Conceptaplan will design and build the new city quarter with apartments, and plan the new brewery building together with the brewery investor in order to create a uniform and harmonious cityscape for Pfungstadt.

"The concept of Daniel Hopp and Dietmar Friedewald immediately convinced the advisory board of Pfungstädter brewery. We will therefore make a recommendation at our shareholders' meeting to agree with it. This way a modern residential project can be developed and realized on the brewery area. This will give important impulses to the inner city of Pfungstadt. And at the same time, we will retain the perspective of modernizing our Pfungstadt brewery and continuing to brew our beer in Pfungstadt," says Johann-Christoph Kleinschmidt, Chairman of the Advisory Board of Pfungstädter Brauerei Hildebrand GmbH & Co. KG.

The Pforzheim brewer Wolfgang Scheidtweiler is interested in the acquisition and continuation of the "Pfungstädter brewery" at the location and has submitted an offer for this. "Pfungstädter brewery is known for its premium beers and has built up a strong brand especially in southern Hesse. Especially the historic brewery buildings have a special charm. We are therefore pleased that the concept of the investors around Daniel Hopp's family office provides for their preservation and, after our preliminary talks, allows for the possibility of a further environmentally compatible brewery use. We would like to preserve the historical part and supplement it with a modern brewery building," explains brewer Wolfgang Scheidtweiler. In recent years, his family has taken over several businesses from a difficult situation in addition to the existing breweries and successfully repositioned them on the market.

"Wolfgang Scheidtweiler is an excellent partner with whom we can continue our brewing tradition in Pfungstadt. He appreciates our motto 'Beer needs, home'.  And he wants to use and expand the historical substance of the brewery to secure the brewing location and to preserve jobs. We still have to clarify several details of the concept and the contract. Until implementation, Scheidtweiler would like to continue to brewin the existing buildings", says Stefan Seibold, Managing Director of Pfungstädter Brauerei Hildebrandt GmbH & Co. KG.

The IMAP M&A Consultants team with Peter Koch, Florian Böschen and Basem El-Bouz exclusively advised the shareholders of the private brewery Pfungstadt within the M&A process and supported them in negotiating and successfully closing the transaction.

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