Entrepreneurs Forum on 05.11.2019 | CVs and success factors of fast-growing companies: founders report

Rapid growth always poses special challenges for companies: how can the right employees be found, and how is customer satisfaction ensured over the long term? What investments are needed, and how can growth be healthyly funded? Which corporate culture does it need and how does the role of the founders change over time?

These are some of the questions we would like to discuss with you as part of our business forum. First, four founders will introduce us to the CVs and success factors of their companies. Afterwards, as part of the podium discussion and the networking at the Flying Buffet, there will be an opportunity for an exchange of views as well as for their own suggestions on the subject. 

When:  05 November 2019, 14:30 - 21:00 

Where:  CMS, Neue Mainzer Straße 2-4, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

If you are interested in the event, please contact our  event team  . Please note that the number of participants is limited. 


14:30        start | reception

3:00 pm        Peter Förster | TRANSPOREON GmbH

3:30 pm        Norbert Pfleger | paragon semvox GmbH

4:00 pm        Kian Gould | AOE GmbH

16:30        coffee break

5:00 pm        Christian Federspiel | Catalysts GmbH

5.30 pm        Panel discussion with all speakers, moderated by Maximilian Grub and Carsten Lehmann

18:30 h.         Flying buffet and networking



Peter Förster | TRANSPOREON GmbH

Peter is co-founder of TRANSPOREON, a provider of cloud-based transportation management platforms that create a world-leading network of shippers, suppliers, retailers, consignees and carriers. With the help of Transporeon, empty runs are reduced, transparency in logistics is improved, waiting times are shortened and, with the support of digital end-to-end processes, the process costs are significantly reduced. Essentially, Transporeon is based on a SaaS business model that has been successfully expanded and internationalized in recent years, with the support of various investors. HG Capital has been the majority shareholder of Transporeon since the beginning of 2019.


Norbert Pfleger | paragon semvox GmbH

Norbert is co-founder and CEO of SemVox, a provider of efficient and secure voice-control solutions and technologies, multimodal human-machine interaction and intelligent assistance systems based on the latest AI technologies. SemVox was founded in 2008 and, with more than 60 employees, makes information intuitively usable with the help of simple and intelligent operating concepts. Since October 2018, SemVox has been part of the German automotive supplier paragon GmbH & Co. KGaA and strengthens the group under the name paragon semvox as an independent division "Digital Assistance".


Kian Gould | AOE GmbH

Kian is the founder and CEO of AOE, a software company focused on e-commerce platforms and web content management with 300 employees. Launched as an agile service provider, growing strongly with well-known telecommunications, banking and industry customers, in recent years AOE has developed its own product platform for cloud-based omnichannel multi-merchant marketplaces. This is already being used by major airports and airlines to help them realize their non-aviation retail potential. As a technology investor, LEA Partners has been supporting the growth of AOE since the beginning of 2017.


Christian Federspiel | Catalysts GmbH

Christian is co-founder and CEO of CATALYSTS, a company specializing in the agile development of individual software based in Linz. With 350 employees, Catalysts develops innovative solutions for well-known clients in areas such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Virtual Reality and Big Data. With the Catalysts Coding Contest, a rolling on-site programming competition that recently attracted approximately 4,000 participants, the company has a unique recruiting channel to highly talented developers. Since mid-2019, Catalysts and the IT consulting firm CRISP Research have been part of the Cloudflight Group, a portfolio company of Deutsche Beteiligungs AG.

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