Mid-market companies have the edge in innovative disruption says new IMAP publication

IMAP dedicates the latest edition of its flagship Creating Value publication launched today, to a subject that should have every CEO’s focus; disruptive innovation.

Today, when ranking the best and most effective companies, innovation is a key category in appraising performance. Indeed, in the recently published ‘Management Top 250’ ranking by the Drucker Institute on the WSJ, innovation is one of the 5 performance areas in which overall corporate effectiveness is measured.

There’s no doubt that innovation is a differentiator. As technology-driven disruption advances and the entry of non-traditional competitors in the market increases, companies find their competitiveness being threatened. Companies in any industry, perceiving themselves as immune to the accelerating tech, social and global trends, will find it increasingly difficult to stay in the game – but therein lies the opportunity for mid-market, entrepreneurial companies. Those able to nimbly and effectively embrace innovation, offer large-cap companies lacking the ability to grow organically or sufficiently fast enough, the possibility to breach the innovation gap by obtaining certain capabilities or products.

Of course, you can’t stop the wave, but you can learn to surf and in this issue of Creating Value, IMAP talks to thought leaders across the globe, including Mike Wetzer, Founder and CEO of The Coastal Investors, on how and why companies should foster the culture of innovation within their companies. In a series of interviews, featuring real case studies, it takes a look at a broad spectrum of subjects such as: growth opportunities for mid-market companies, creating scalable innovation organically - the 8 building blocks to success, acquisition as a viable innovation strategy, existential disruptors and the effects of innovation on the due diligence process.

 IMAP Chairman, Jurgis Oniunas, observed “Technological disruption is leading to change in almost every area of business and society. At IMAP, we see first-hand how disruptive innovation is driving M&A, which is why this issue of Creating Value is dedicated to providing our clients with relevant, practical insights and advice from world thought leaders.”

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