Getting on the fast lane with IMAP, the international M&A group.

You have the chance to experience successful advisory with us. During your work with us you learn all facets of a worldwide active M&A group, gain insights into the challenging processes and work in a professional international project team. We welcome new ideas and unconventional approaches.

According to our credo of open communication, we provide statements / reports / comments of our interns here.

Read what interns say about us.

Testimonies of interns

Günter Maier

“Challenging tasks and valuable experiences in the M&A sector”
Andreas Halupczok

Günter Maier

“Intense team work with a steep learning curve – the supreme discipline of business administration in a collegial environment”
Moritz Howaldt

Günter Maier

“Responsible tasks in a friendly demanding atmosphere”
Lucas Braun

Günter Maier

“Practical experience in M&A advisory as a full team member”

“Middle market oriented M&A advisory 360° in a harmonious team atmosphere”
Atanas Petkov


“Intensive and instructive internship in a collegial atmosphere”
Patrick Koob


“Challenging tasks, a lot of own initiative and a great atmosphere”
Vanessa Inci

Günter Maier

“Valuable experience that you don’t get taught in university”
Igor Martinenko


“Intensive and instructive internship in a great atmosphere”
Thorben Milde


“M&A in a strongly international oriented environment – in short: IMAP”
Phillippe Honsberg


“M&A in a strongly international oriented environment – in short: IMAP”
Fatih Serdar Sarioglu


“Creating a project step by step – M&A hands-on”
Eren Cekemci


“M&A from A to Z – deep insights into the project business”
Axel Sturm