System 8 – Dedicated to Success – From Day One

Our clients directly benefit from our extensive transaction experience – and that to the highest degree thinkable – with System 8, our in-house developed international M&A standard.

From day one, specifications, goals, expectations and chances for success are discussed openly and frankly: Our clients seek as much information as possible regarding their sales and acquisitions prospects, while our project team pursues all information required to carry out a fundamental performance analysis.

Everything that could later have an impact on the transaction process is dealt with in an intense dialogue with our clients.

In most cases, clients want to be informed of the transaction timeline, which purchase price is realistic, or better understand just how attractive their business is for a potential buyer.

We too, of course, are highly interested in achieving success: For that reason, we pose those critical questions early on in the process that could later potentially endanger a positive outcome.

Each task we take on is handled as a project and is therefore assigned to a specialized project team responsible for the entire process, from analysis to closing.

Developed throughout the course of many years, our highly successful approach has proven to be effective long-term, in particular thanks to its modular structure.

Each project runs through 8 phases – from project definition, to preparation of the pitch, to handling of payments.

Our goal is to complete each individual phase with success, all the while maintaining a straightforward dialogue with our client.

We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information regarding System 8 and its extensive benefits for your business.


Peter A. Koch

Peter A. Koch

Managing Director
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